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10 February 2009

One of the links connecting LAFN to the internet is not working properly. It started at 2220 tonight. It almost appears there is a Denial of Service attack locking up that link as a very small number of packets are actually arriving across it. This is only affecting some of our users. Access to the majority of the internet is working properly.

As of 021109 11:45 AM I still have no connection to LAFN mail servers or site. I'm in West Los Angeles with a Verizon DSL connection.
Finally a comment with some content. I still can't do much with the information available. However, since you are using Verizon, I can now report back that after a long phone call with Verizon, that according to Verizon supervisors, Verizon does not need to connect to any other network and does not connect to any other networks. Hence there is no problem. I believe at this time that the issue is limited to Verizon users. When you traceroute to us you will die at POS7-0.BR2.LAX7.ALTER.NET ( The link from there is down. As best as I can tell no one is working on it. Verizon refuses to admit that they even use the link.

Connectivity to LAFN from any other provider seems to work just fine. I have not been able to find any others that are affected by this link. Since I have no way to contact whoever runs the link, I have no idea when it might be fixed.
What do you know. alter.net is Verizon. Those people don't have a clue what they are doing. They also do not permit anyone to contact their network operations.
This is Robert. I am also in West Los Angeles, with Verizon DSL.
santa monica verizon dsl also
This is Robert again. And to be clear, I don't have any connection with my email. My internet works fine, so it's something between Verizon and LAFN.
what is significance of alter.net?
This is Robert again. How do I do traceroute?
As I have said before, the problem is a connection within Verizon (alter.net). I have no idea why Verizon would use the domain name alter.net, but it possibly could be because they bought an existing network. Anyway, they run it now.

We know that all of Verizon is affected except for their supervisors who can access us. Until Verizon gets this fixed, no Verizon user will be able to connect to any of our servers. That includes me.

There are instructions in the FAQ on running traceroute - not that it will do you any good now since you can't access the FAQ.... However, all it will show is what I put in a previous entry. I did manage to reach a ticket system somewhere within Verizon so there is some slight hope.
This is Robert again.

What is a telephone number in West LA that I can use for dial up? That will work, right? Even though it's over a Verizon telephone?

Hi Doug,
I don't really know much about all this but I was able to Ping but not lafn,
I don't understand what's happening when I try to run a traceroute (using Mac Leopard Network Utility). I'm not seeing the usual list of IP addresses the request is running through. Just a series of ***. Although it did seem to connect to lafn finally after some minutes. But I'm getting that unusual result trying to run a traceroute on ANY address! I'm going to shut everything down and reboot the modem, as I know Verizon tech will ask me to do that first anyway. Then I'll get on the phone with them and see if I can find out anything more.
There are a bunch of numbers in West LA. Most are probably not local calls. Need the first 6 digits of your phone number to find a local one.

Traceroute output can be a bit difficult to figure out the first time. See http://networking.ringofsaturn.com/IP/traceroutedoc.php for a good description of interpreting traceroute output. What you are seeing is typical under these circumstances.
this is Robert

my phone number is 310-208-2603.
Hi Doug,
I'm still having problem connecting thru dial up in all of the east la access number; started 2/4/09 on 562-(450-457)-2021. I got thru on 2/9 but the problem was back 2/10. I've written to you about this thru remote mail. Any advise? am555
310-923-9021 or 310-907-8023
I was able to duplicate Doug's experience with Verizon tech support ;–) They couldn't find anything wrong.
I did manage to connect using dialup to retrieve my mail(that was painful!). I believe it's a Santa Monica number 310-906-2021.
I have just received a confirmation that the Verizon Network Center is aware of the issue and working on it. There is no estimated repair time as I suspect they just found out about it. I have no idea which of the various phone calls/emails etc got through to the right place though. In any case, I suspect this will take only a couple hours to resolve and not a couple days.
This is Robert.

When I filled out my evaluation online, I said I was completely disappointed, because they didn't even allow me to fill out a trouble ticket on my issue.

Perhaps that helped.
I am also in West Los Angeles, near Bundy and San Vicente Blvd. I was on LAFN last night about 10:30, all was ok then.
Since 8:30 a.m. today 2/11/09 I have not been able to get online with LAFN, not able to pick up mail, or to connect to other web sites.
I also have Verizon DSL service. Verizon's "Help" line is 800- 567- 6789, but it connects you to someone in the Philippines who reads from a script and they are generally not helpful.
Thank you, Larry Rizzo
The Verizon link is working again now. I don't know if this is a temporary fix or a permanent fix. There is some reason to believe it returned at 7 pm, but I was not able to test it till now.
What a relief! Thanks for all your help Doug.
I just got word that the fix probably occurred around 9 pm and it is a temporary fix. There is a failed router that has to be replaced later tonight. Supposedly users will not notice the change.
Thanks, Doug!
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